AAUW Newsletter February 2023

February Calendar

  • February 8, 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Scribble Sisters at the Left Bank. 
  • February 12 at 2:00 pm at the UU Meetinghouse.  “State Funding of Religious Programs,”  UU Fellowship Program.   Support  our UU partners by attending their event.
  • February 15. 12:00 noon. Book Group at the Left Bank—Radium Girls  by Kate  Moore.  Bring a bag lunch. We chat over lunch then start discussing the book at about 12:30 pm. All members welcome. Questions? Write to Mary Feidner (mfeidner@comcast.net).
  •  February 18, 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Branch Meeting for members at the UU Meetinghouse—PLAYDATE with Jennifer Jasper, playwright, story teller, director, actor. AAUW-members-only program—Leaving a Room of One’s Own. 
  • February 22, 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Scribble Sisters ZOOM Meeting  Bit.ly/AAUWBennPgms


♥️ Go, Becca!

In April, 2022, Bennington AAUW hosted a forum on Women in Politics, featuring the four candidates (all women) for the Vermont seat in the House of Representatives. Becca Balint arrived before the live event started, so a few of us had time to chat informally with her. All of the candidates were great, but she was the best and she won!

Here’s an update on how she’s doing (from Seven Days VT, January 25): Becca Balint Gets to Work

Here’s a link to the video of our Women in Politics Forum: https//youtu.be/qoeHbv51jlI

 ♥️ In Memoriam

This month we remember Mary Fuqua, longtime AAUW member who died December 27, 2022:  Remembering Mary Fuqua

♥️ Getting Involved in Branch Activities

We encourage members to get involved by volunteering to help with a range of branch activities.  Below is a link to descriptions of the positions that branch members hold.  In addition to these tasks, branch members help in other ways, such as serving on the various committees and writing articles for the newsletter— book reviews, reading recommendations, or feature stories on topics about some aspect of AAUW’s core beliefs (such as gender equity, economic equity, women in leadership) or recommending articles in online publications on these and other topics.

♥️ Scratching From the Scribble Sisters

We’re launching a new newsletter collection—a space for the Scribblers to share some current scratchings. For the last five years, the group has also published a selection of their work, with proceeds going to the Scholarship Fund.


Newsletter Editor: Dawn Rodrigues (dawn.rodrigues@gmail.com).