Webinars from National AAUW

The following webinars are featured on AAUW’s National website: https://www.aauw.org/resources/programs/webinars/.  We have included many of these webinars below, for easy access.

Creating a Diversity Structure and Planning for Success

February 11, 2021–Using the DEI Toolkit and related resources, AAUW’s Inclusion and Equity Committee highlights the process for beginning to engage your branch in the conversation and creating an effective diversity and inclusion plan.

2021 Priorities and the New Administration

February 2, 2021–As our elected officials get to work in the new Congress and administration, AAUW continues to advance gender equity for all. Join AAUW’s public policy team for an overview of our public policy priorities, critical bills and executive orders already announced, and how to leverage your individual advocacy power in 2021.

Understanding the Digital Divide in Pre-K — 12 Education

January 28, 2021–Long before COVID-19, there was a growing digital gap leaving students in low-income families behind their peers. With schools across the country operating virtually to curb the spread of the virus, that gap has widened and further undermines the learning of millions of PreK-12 students. Join us for a conversation on digital equity with Dr. Devorah Heitner. Webinar sponsored by GEICO.

The Microintervention Anti-bias Workshop

November 19, 2020–Presented by AAUW alumna Sarah Alsaidi, The Microintervention Workshop aims to increase awareness and self-reflection skills, and explain the difference between microaggressions and macroaggressions. Learn response strategies that can be used to defend against daily experiences of microaggressions. Read the original article.

Status of Latinas in the United States During COVID-19

November 18, 2020–Join us to hear about a new collaboration focused on the status of Latinas and the impact of the pandemic on their economic security and wellbeing. We discuss AAUW’s actions to address systemic workplace disparities, increase wages, promote paid sick and family leave policies, and make health care available to all workers. Webinar sponsored by GEICO.

Radical Self-Acceptance: Impostor Syndrome Through an Intersectional Lens

October 27, 2020–Impostor Syndrome impacts millions of people of all backgrounds, but the compounding effects of racism and sexism create a unique hurdle for women of color in the workplace. Lincoln Hill, PhD discusses the impostor phenomenon, unpacking why women of color are often rendered invisible in these conversations and how we can all practice radical self-acceptance to stop minimizing our achievements.

Women Scholars During COVID: Solutions for Gender Equity in Academia

October 20, 2020–COVID-19 has disrupted every aspect of higher education. The increase in caregiving, quarantine, social distancing and mental health challenges all reduced academic success and amplified barriers to women’s career advancement. Join us as Dr. Malisch shares important research findings and actionable solutions for addressing the future of women in academia. Webinar sponsored by GEICO. Download the slides.

Policy v. Practice: 1920 – Present

August 25, 2020–AAUW’s CEO Kim Churches traces our evolution in the fight for gender equity from the 19th Amendment to the present and discusses the importance of reflecting on our own policies and practices in the effort to expand opportunities for all women.

June 25, 2020–AAUW for a courageous conversation with Kimberly L. Sisnett, SVP, People at VERICAST; and Stephanie Jackson, Senior Business Resiliency Specialists Control Risk at Facebook to learn about their experiences, challenges and lessons learned in corporate leadership.

January 28, 2020—The Gender Agenda Watch a recording of the webinar presented by AAUW CEO Kim Churches held on January 28, 2020, This was the inaugural webinar in our 2020 convening series. It will covers our equity priorities for this year at the federal, state and local levels.