Scribble Sisters

Scribble SistersThe Scribble Sisters are a group of members who enjoy writing in a variety of styles and genres from memoirs to poetry. They meet twice a month in members’ homes to mentor one another and enjoy the company of other writers.

Visit their Scratchings fron the Scribble Sisters page to read selections that have not been  published.

They published their first book, Scratchings, in June, 2018.  

Scratchings 2, their second volume, was published in August, 2019.

Scratchings 3, published in November, 2020.  For a description of Scratchings 3, click here.

Scratchings 4, Published in November, 2021. For a description of Scratchings 4, click here.

All are available for sale at Bennington Bookshop or by contacting  Suzanne Kirkpatrick (email: 

All volumes of Scratchings are available on Amazon for $12:

For a discussion of the origins and activities of Scribble Sisters, view the video created by Jennie Schoerke and distributed by CAT-TV.